1. Knowledge and Experience – A dedicated advisor has both the knowledge and the experience to assist clients in planning, executing, and monitoring their portfolio.

2.  Objectivity – In many areas of life emotional detachment is a bad thing; not in investments and financial planning.  An advisor looks at a clients financial goals and constraints through an unbiased and emotionally detached lens.

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3.  Efficiency – Before hiring an investment advisor, many clients will try for years to get a handle on their finances, investments, and goals.  But as many people know, the proverbial ‘can’ gets perpetually kicked down the road.  An advisor will come in and quickly get you on the right track towards your financial goals.

4.  Consistency – Advisors bring a structured process to each engagement, which creates consistency in portfolio and plan implementation and monitoring.


5.  Resources – Investment advising and financial planning relies on resources, such as books, periodicals, experts, data, seminars, etc, that individual investors may not have access to.  An advisor extends his/her access to these resources to the client as an integral part of the client/advisor relationship.

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