At Edgar Investment Management we believe in an efficient market.  This means that, on whole, the market takes in public and some non-public information and prices securities properly.  We believe the use of diversified investments allocated to investment factors have more impact on achievement of long-term investment goals than the picking of individual securities.

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We do not believe in market timing, but we do believe in tactical allocation. Tactical allocation involves minor adjustments to the strategic allocation in an effort to take advantage of temporary opportunities. Tactical allocation tends to differ from market timing in that tactical allocation is mainly a medium to long term strategy which adjusts to identify specific opportunities, not market highs and lows.

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We believe in rebalancing as a way of maintaining overall strategic allocations. Rebalancing, in a volatile yet sideways market, also enables the manager to buy low and sell high.  Our rebalancing process is designed to rebalance portfolios based on a wide variety of variables such as market forces, tax efficiency, and account features.

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