Investments 101

Retirement Accounts

What are Individual Retirement Accounts?           Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it’s essential to know which one best meets your needs in order to be financially secure in your retirement. Unlike savings accounts, IRAs provide long-term savings/investment accounts that individuals with earned income …

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What is Diversification?       Everyone is familiar with the idiom, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” but what meaning does it hold for investors? This piece of advice suggests that one should not devote all of their efforts and resources to a single endeavor, as they risk losing everything. This brings …

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52-Week High

What is a 52-Week High?         The 52-week high represents the highest prices at which a security, such as a stock, has traded in the past 52 weeks. It is a metric that investors use to examine the present price of a company and attempt to predict its future movements. If a …

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What is Correlation? A statistical measure known as correlation expresses how closely two variables are related linearly. It’s a typical technique for describing straightforward connections without explicitly stating cause and consequence. In other terms, it’s the relationship between the movements of two variables. Correlation is measured on a scale of -1 to 1, where two …

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