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Today in the Market (11/15/2023)

Good Evening! On Wednesday, the gains varied for the major indexes, with the Dow Jones seeing the largest increase of 0.47%, while the S&P 500 grew by 0.16%. The Nasdaq had a strong start but lost its momentum and ended the day up by 0.07%.


Target (TGT) significantly surpassed reduced analyst projections for sales, margins, and profitability after almost two years marked by severe outcomes due to errors in execution, escalating retail thievery, and a growing sense of caution among consumers.

  • Revenue: $25.00 Billion vs. $24.88 Billion Expected
  • Gross Margin: 27.4% vs. 26.6% Expected
  • Earnings Per Share: $2.10 vs. $1.47 Expected

Quarterly update on retail theft. Target has indicated that theft, which was given as the reason for store closures in September, seems to be diminishing as a significant concern. The retailer said that shrinkage, which encompasses losses in inventory resulting from theft, damage, and vendor mistakes, largely counteracted margin enhancements in various sectors. However, its effect was less significant in the third quarter compared to the preceding two quarters.

What is TGT keeping its eye on? During a conference call with reporters, CEO Brian Cornell said that the business is closely monitoring the effects of increasing interest rates, the resumption of student loan payments, and elevated credit card balances


ice floe, sea, arctic-1837893.jpg

The recent publication of a significant government climate study reveals that climate change incurs an annual cost of around $150 billion for the U.S. The most recent National Climate Assessment introduced a new chapter in its fifth edition: a dedicated chapter focusing on the economic consequences of climate change. The warning said that the damage would worsen significantly if no action is taken.

But how bad could it be? The frequency of $1 billion environmental disasters has increased from occurring once every four months in the 1980s to presently happening every three weeks. In the current year, the U.S. has had 25 instances of such crises, with the majority of them being attributed to the problem of climate change.

Sadly, it does not stop there… In addition to posing a danger to local businesses that depend on certain temperature conditions, such as ski resorts, farms, and fisheries, climate change also hurts individuals. This is a result of rising costs for food, home insurance, and healthcare for those suffering from extreme heat or pollution.

However, there is some good news! According to the report, the economy stands to gain from shifting away from fossil fuels by generating employment opportunities in the clean-energy sector and avoiding the substantial costs associated with post-disaster recovery.

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