Today in the Market (9/11/2023)

Good Evening! On Monday, stocks were up, due to positive Chinese statistics and statements made by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. These developments have created optimism over the economic well-being of the two largest global economies.

The S&P 500 increased by 0.67%, while the Dow Jones rose by 0.25%. However, the Nasdaq Composite witnessed the most gains by 1.14%.


Qualcomm (QCOM) announced a newly established arrangement for chip supply with Apple (AAPL). According to the terms of the partnership, Qualcomm has been designated to provide Apple’s devices, scheduled for release between 2024 and 2026, with its Snapdragon 5G Modem-RF systems.

What does this mean? Apple’s recent collaboration with Qualcomm indicates a shift in the company’s strategy, suggesting that it is not yet prepared to pursue complete autonomy in chip manufacturing, despite its previous efforts in this domain.

Where is Apple right now? Apple has explicitly expressed its intention to replace its current suppliers with its own internal resources. In the year 2020, Apple made the notable decision to terminate a longstanding collaboration of 15 years with Intel, stating its intention to manufacture its Mac computers using proprietary CPUs. Subsequently, Apple has introduced an assortment of Macs equipped with their own processors.

However… smartphones have presented a distinct challenge, with a supply chain that exhibits more complexity due to the continued use of Arm-based CPUs in iPhones. Despite the fact that Apple itself develops the semiconductors for iPhones, it obtains a license for the fundamental architecture from Arm.


Disney (DIS) and Charter (CHTR) announced that they had successfully resolved their carriage dispute. Charter customers who choose the Spectrum TV Select bundle will get the Disney+ Basic ad-supported option without incurring any extra charges since it is included in a wholesale arrangement.

On top of that! Furthermore, Spectrum TV Select Plus members will get ESPN+ at no extra charge. The ESPN flagship direct-to-consumer service will be provided to Spectrum TV Select customers at no additional charge upon its introduction.

Looking forward! In a collaborative declaration, Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, and Charter’s CEO, Chris Winfrey, expressed that this agreement acknowledges the enduring significance of traditional television and the rising appeal of streaming services, while simultaneously catering to the changing demands of their shared customer base.

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