Today in the Market (1/4/2022)

Good Evening! Investors considered a slew of economic data and the minutes from the Federal Reserve’s December policy meeting as the U.S. stock market surged on Wednesday after a day of back-and-forth trading.

The S&P 500 climbed 0.75% in a tumultuous session, while the Dow Jones advanced 0.40%. The Nasdaq Composite rose 0.69%.


Roku (ROKU) said on Wednesday at CES 2023 that it would begin selling first-party TVs in the U.S. this spring. Currently, the streaming behemoth provides Roku-branded TVs via third-party partners like TCL, Hisense, and Philips. Instead of depending on these third parties, Roku will oversee all parts of the TV creation process itself.

Why this path? Roku’s greater ventures into the hardware industry come as the firm struggles with declining ad revenues amid a larger decline in the digital advertising business. Although Roku sells hardware such as streaming devices and TVs, the great bulk of its income is generated by its platform business, which is comprised of ad revenues.

Now it is a waiting game… The corporation must now ensure that its most recent hardware expenditures yield either increased hardware income or increased advertising revenues by placing more televisions in front of the eyes of more people.


According to recent research published in the academic journal Pediatrics, between 2017 and 2021, reports of children under the age of six unintentionally taking marijuana-infused treats increased by 1,375%.

Why the increase? According to medical specialists, the numbers presumably increased as legalization spread (37 states plus the District of Columbia permit medical marijuana use, and 21 states permit recreational use). In addition, some edibles’ packaging resembles that of non-THC candies and desserts and is not child-resistant.

Why does it matter? Even though cannabis consumption is still a small fraction of the overall 850,000 yearly poisonings in the under-six age group, doctors are concerned since THC may cause major consequences in children. Researchers monitored 5,000 cases and discovered that 8% of afflicted children were hospitalized in intensive care units.

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