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Today in the Market (12/15/2022)

Good Evening. Wall Street reacted negatively to another sizeable rate rise by Federal Reserve officials and analyzed similar actions by European monetary regulators, causing U.S. equities to decline on Thursday. In addition to raising worries about the health of U.S. consumers, a poor reading on consumer spending sparked apprehensions about the state of their finances.

The S&P 500 declined by 2.49%, while the Dow Jones fell by  2.25%, recording its worst day in three months. The Nasdaq Composite Index dropped by 3.23%.


Netflix (NFLX) shares concluded Thursday’s trading session down over 8%, the worst intraday decline since April, after a fresh report from Digiday stated the streaming giant is falling short on viewership commitments it provided to advertisers for its new ad-supported tier.

According to Digiday, which quoted five agency executives, Netflix is now enabling ad purchasers to get a refund if they fail to meet their viewing goals. According to reports, the corporation only delivered around 80% of the anticipated viewership.

What could be the reason? Well, According to Bloomberg Intelligence, “Though macroeconomic clouds are looming over the ad industry, the company’s failure to meet viewership guarantees is more likely due to a lack of supply rather than weak demand.”

A look back on Netflix. Shares of Netflix, which were down approximately 50% since the beginning of the year, have gained roughly 65% over the last six months, as other industry observers anticipate that content enhancements would reduce churn in 2023.


people, woman, tv-3281583.jpg

Verizon Wireless (VZ) released a beta version of its “+play” streaming hub, which allows consumers to manage all of their streaming service subscriptions in a single location. Verizon hopes to compete with Amazon’s Prime Video Channels and Roku in the most recent development of the streaming battles.

What to expect? Customers of Verizon may subscribe to services such as NFL+, HBO Max, Peloton, and Duolingo through the +play website and have them added to their current phone or internet bill. To attract consumers, everyone who subscribes to a service through the +play will get a year of Netflix’s $19.99/month Premium tier for free.

Going Forward… In a recent poll conducted by JD Power, 60% of respondents reported having at least four streaming subscriptions. Despite this, life is difficult for streaming services. Companies spent extravagant amounts of money on content to get members last year, but with growth dropping, streaming services must begin bundling this year to remain competitive.

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